How to Improve Productivity in Customer Support with AI

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    For most businesses, the customer service department is highly labor intensive. Dealing with customer requests and resolving their issues will likely need the complete focus of one or more of your employees. It is challenging for a sales representative to multitask while chatting with a customer. If you plan to run a successful business, you will need to offer your customers support while they are browsing your website or when completing a purchase. Industry wisdom states that one of the best ways to streamline and speed up tasks is through automation. For this reason, we will be looking at how to improve productivity in customer support with AI.


    Implement text-to-speech and voice navigation features


    One of the best ways to help your customers is to make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for. If website visitors have difficulty navigating through your pages, they are more likely to contact customer support. Additionally, if your website lacks accessibility features, persons with disabilities might need to contact your support staff as soon as they arrive at your site.


    All of these issues can be solved by having accessible navigation. Implementing text-to-speech can be accomplished through the Web Speech API. However, you can go a step further and have built-in voice commands on your website. You can have AI chatbots greet visitors to tell them that voice commands are available on your website.

    Your support staff won’t need to help users as often if you help site visitors get accustomed to your site from the moment they reach your landing page. You will have fewer customer support issues, and your staff can focus on other tasks. Since voice recognition algorithms are getting better every year, you can use them as a way to improve productivity in customer support with AI chatbots.


    Offer shopping assistance


    Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of any business. Although abandoned shopping carts can happen for various reasons, it’s up to you to minimize them and prevent the loss of potential sales. It’s common for customers to run into problems as they reach the final stages of online shopping. Perhaps, they have trouble completing a form or they can get confused regarding the possible payment methods. Thankfully, you can help them by offering shopping support through a personal AI assistant.


    Having an AI shopping assistant is much better than overcrowding your checkout page. An AI shopping aide can help users complete forms in real-time. AI can also track how the purchase is progressing and immediately contact your customer support staff if a customer gets stuck in checkout.


    Have a chatbox on every page of your website


    Modern web design has had a positive impact on many website features. Nowadays, chatboxes don’t need to be complicated or intrusive. They can be the size of a small button and take up minimal screen size, which means that you can include a floating chat button on every page of your website. You can also have your AI-powered chatbot offer automated prompts based on what the user is currently doing. This feature has many advantages, and most importantly, you can improve productivity in customer support with AI chatbots. Most users consider chatbots a novelty; therefore, you can use the bots to enhance user engagement and generate new leads.


    Another massive benefit to having AI chatbots is that you can make quick adjustments with just a few lines of code. This can be handy when you need to redesign your website or implement new features. Your chatbot will be ready to assist users as soon as the website is up. On the other hand, your customer support staff might need extensive training to get familiar with the new changes.


    AI can give your staff the information they need when they need it


    Customer Relationship Management software is by no means a new trend. Businesses that rely on online shopping and eCommerce websites have been using CRM tools for years to help them keep track of customers’ progress through the sales funnel. However, when we combine CRM with AI, a whole new world of possibilities starts to open up for us. Machine learning algorithms have progressed leaps and bounds, and we can use them to give our staff incredible amounts of crucial information at any time.


    • AI can help you analyze customer behavior. This can give you valuable insight into which parts of the sales funnel need improving. You will easily be able to identify chokepoints and help customers progress towards a successful purchase.


    • Understand your customers. Creating detailed customer profiles will be much easier if you have AI to help you sift through all the data you have gathered. AI can also automatically update individual customer profiles and ensure all the information is up to date.


    • Cater to the needs of your customers. Once you better understand who your customers are, you should have no trouble helping customers find what they need. However, customers can sometimes have a hard time expressing what exactly they need from your business. Thankfully, AI can help you here since it can compile all the information you have on your customers and tell you which offers might be suitable for them.


    • Predict future behavior. You can use machine learning to look at how users, as a group, interact with your company. Al can then conclude the future behavior of your customers and tell you which products will likely interest a specific demographic. You can use this insight when you are developing new products since you will be able to estimate how your audience will react.


    • Recommend answers to support staff. In most companies, when customer support team members want to assist customers, they will look up the specific problem and follow a flowchart to troubleshoot the issue. AI can quickly solve customer issues since you will be able to track their behavior on your website.


    In conclusion


    We hope that we have managed to spark your imagination and help you discover new ways to improve productivity in customer support with AI. If you want to learn more about cutting-edge tech topics, consider becoming a sponsor and supporting our website.


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