TCS NQT Interview Experience 2022

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    Company:- TCS

    Package:- 7 lacs (Digital)

    I was shortlisted for the interview round which consisted of 3 rounds (Technical Round, HR Round, MR Round). My interview was scheduled at 9 AM on Microsoft Team platform. I joined the link at 8:50 AM and I was waiting in a waiting room. I was feeling extremely nervous. I waited for more than 4 hours and finally the interviewer came and my interview started. In the interview panel, there were 4 interviewers, one was HR, two were Technical members, one was MR. So, the flow of interview begins-

    Everyone wished me Good morning Manisha! I also wished them.

    HR asked me to show any government id card for taking a snap. Then she asked my age, marks of 10th, 12th, and average CGPA of Graduation.

    She told me,  Thank you Manisha for now. Now, your technical round will start.

    Questions Asked in TR-

    He told me that I have your resume Manisha. So, you know Java. Then,

    1. What is JDK, JRE, JVM?
    2. What is ClassLoader?
    3. What is JDBC?
    4. What is SDLC?
    5. What is the Primary key?
    6. Difference between Where and Having Clause?
    7. What is a Waterfall Model?
    8. Difference Between Waterfall Model and Agile Model?
    9. As you have mentioned git and ms office in your resume. So, can you tell me- What are Git commands?
    10. To revoke a file, which command is used?
    11. For committing any file, which command is used? Is a message compulsory to write?
    12. What do we do for formatting strings in Ms Excel?
    13. Aggregation Function in Ms Excel?
    14. Do you know any advanced technology? Always say yes
    15. What is Cloud Computing?
    16. Which cloud platform do you use?
    17. What is pub/sub in Google cloud?

    many more....

    After Technical round, he asked me to have some HR questions 


    1. How was your day?
    2. Are you feeling nervous?
    3. Reasons for the year gap?
    4. Choose work vs Health
    5. If you are assigned to a Team, then how will you connect with your teammates?

    Verdict:- Selected for TCS Ninja

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